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Aastey Designs

Aastey Designs Affiliate Program, Cashback and Coupons (March 2023)

Tracked Within

48 Hours

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June 25, 2023
Missing Cashback Claim : Yes
Payout to Female Users on AASTEY
cb-icon 60% Cashback
Payout to Male Users on AASTEY
cb-icon ₹0.00 Cashback

✅ How It Works?

Earning cashback is as easy as 1-2-3-4…

  • 1. Explore
    1. Explore

    Explore the Store, Offers and Deals you want to Shop at

  • 2. Add to Cart
    2. Add to Cart

    "Add to Cart" only after you redirected to the Partners site from Realcash

  • 3. Place your Order
    3. Place your Order

    Place the your Order Successfully

  • 4. Earn Extra Cashback & Transfer to Bank Account
    4. Earn Extra Cashback & Transfer to Bank Account

    Your RealCash Cashback will track automatically within 72 Hours. On approval, Transfer your Cashback to Bank Account, UPI, Paytm Wallet or Gift Voucher

  • => Make Sure to follow the steps to place order from Realcash
  • => Make sure to read offer terms & conditions everytime before placing order from Realcash
  • => Add Product to your shopping cart only after Visiting Partner Website from RealCash App.
  • => Make sure to complete transaction within 30 session for better tracking of Cashback. If aforesaid time frame were crossed, re-visit to the merchant site again via RealCash
  • => Use coupon codes listed on RealCash App and Coupon Codes Clearly Visible on Partner's Official Website only.
  • => Neither use any Coupon code you saw on other Cashback App or any Social Media platform Nor those emailed or SMS'ed to you by Partner's website directly.
  • => Cashback is NOT guaranteed. Using a Coupon, Gift Voucher, Gift Card, Gift Certificate not listed on RealCash may void your Cashback
  • => Cashback rates are subject to change at any time without prior notification.
  • => No minimum threshold limit to withdraw Cashback & Rewards Amount.
  • => Providing the Rewards/Cashback is entirely depends on the Merchant Terms. Their decision would be final and binding in all the cases.

DosTo Ensure Your Cashback Is Successful:

  1. Targeted user - Females only

donts Cashback Is Not Qualified For:

  • - Orders will not track if Store's Official apps are installed on your mobile
  • - Cashback Is Not Applicable On Bulk Purchases
  • - Do Not Open Any Other Comparison Or Coupon Providing Websites.
  • - No Cashback Will Be Provided In Case You Return Or Cancel The Order.
  • - Cashback Is Not Applicable On Shopping Through Credits/Gift Vouchers on most of websites.
  • - Accounts That Try To Manipulate The Cashback Mechanism And Engage In Fraud Activities Will Be Banned

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one of the main life lessons we learnt in the year 2020, was that in an instant the entire world and our lives can turn upside down. one day, we’re going to work or to college and the next we’re too afraid to step out of our houses. but even the darkest clouds have a silver lining, people used this time to rediscover themselves and found solace in the simple moments. mindfulness, and gratefulness became the main emotions people tried to focus on. aastey was the byproduct of that.

the core values of aastey are self love, acceptance and being present in every moment, big or small.

the pandemic also turned the fashion world on its feet. the days of in person shopping and wasteful spending are of the past. we have gone from style first to comfort first. this shift in mindset has opened up an arena for athleisure fashion. athletic and leisure wear combined together make an ironic duo, but one that is most essential these days.

unfortunately with the birth of athleisure wear, the problem of size inclusivity becomes glaring. performance wear has always been created to cater a certain body type, perpetuating a negative connotation and acting as a demotivator for so many. this is where, aastey comes in. we at aastey want to change this stereotype and build a community where people feel comfortable in their skin while finding peace and joy in the little things.

our story

aastey, also known as the lockdown baby of our founders jeevika tyagi and kanupriya mundhra, started in 2020. two everyday women worn down by work, surrounded by the grief of a pandemic, realised that they had begun to lose sight of their happy moments. the negatives had begun over shadowing the positives. so to right this, they coined the term, live

our vision

is to build an environment full of joy. an environment where all women are treated as equal irrespective of their size, color, age, body type, lifestyle or race. we want to make women feel better everyday, in all spheres of their life.

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