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Medibuddy Promo Codes

Gold Health Checkup


Health Checkups


Basic Full Body Checkup


Full Body Checkup


Advanced Full Body


MediBuddy Coupons: Flat Rs 400 OFF On Gold Membership

All about Medibuddy

With the rapid growth of the internet era, there has been an enormous increase in the e-pharmacy business. People now prefer ordering medicines online rather than standing in queues outside a nearby local medical store. This shift from offline to online pharmacy has brought about a huge revolution, resulting in to launch of e-medical stores. These stores came with qualities such as trust, reliance, and affordable prices.

Formed in 2000, Medibuddy has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. It has successfully made it to the top spot in the country's online healthcare industry. The platform is 100% safe, secure, and certified on both Google Play Store and Apple Store. Be it wellness, fitness, or preventive care, the company never leaves any stone unturned to satisfy its users' medical needs.

Services offered at Medibuddy

Medibuddy is the one-stop solution to all your healthcare problems. It allows you to access a wide range of medical services from the comfort of your home. Below is a list of some of the various services offered by the platform.

  1. Health check packages
  2. Online medicines ordering
  3. Virtual doctor consultation
  4. Online lab tests
  5. Dental services
  6. Fitness services
  7. Payment options

Health check packages - Medibuddy's health check packages are comprehensive and help to identify potential health issues early on. With a range of packages to choose from, you can get a full body check-up that includes blood tests, urine tests, and other diagnostic tests. This service will help you to take action early enough before illness sets in.

Online medicines ordering - With the online medicines ordering service, Medibuddy makes it easy for you to get your prescription medications. You can easily upload your prescription and get your medicines delivered right to your doorstep. This service is convenient, saves time, and eliminates the need to stand in long queues at the pharmacy.

Virtual doctor consultation - Medibuddy's virtual doctor consultation service gives you access to highly qualified doctors from across the country. You can consult with a doctor from the comfort of your home or office, allowing you to save time and money. This service is ideal if you cannot travel to see a doctor in person or have a busy schedule. Besides this, Medibuddy offers a gold subscription plan subscribing to which you can avail unlimited video consultations with doctors. And using the Medibuddy Gold coupon code available here, you can unlock a world of convenient and affordable healthcare solutions.

Online lab tests - Medibuddy's online lab tests service allows individuals to book lab tests from the comfort of their home. Clients can choose from a wide range of tests, including blood tests, urine tests, and allergy tests. Results are delivered online, and clients can even consult with a doctor to discuss their results.

Dental services - Medibuddy's dental services provide clients with access to a range of dental treatments, including teeth cleaning, fillings, and extractions. Clients can choose from a network of experienced dentists and can book appointments easily online. This service helps individuals to maintain good oral health and hygiene.

Fitness services - Medibuddy's fitness services include access to a range of fitness centers, yoga studios, and health clubs across the country. Clients can book classes online and enjoy discounts on memberships. This service helps people to stay fit and healthy, and also promotes healthy habits.

Payment options - Medibuddy provides a range of payment options to make it easy for clients to pay for their services. Clients can pay online using a range of payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and wallet payments. This service is secure, convenient, and helps to make payments hassle-free.

If you are ordering medicines using Medibuddy, you can make payment when you receive the delivery at your doorstep. However, for other services on the platform, you must make the payment in advance. The payment can be made using any mode such as debit card, credit card, internet banking, or mobile wallet.

Why MediBuddy?

MediBuddy is a healthcare provider that connects patients with the best doctors and hospitals in their area. It also offers discounts on health services and products.

It allows users to search for doctors and hospitals by specialty, location, or rating. Users can also read reviews from other patients before making a decision about which doctor or hospital to choose. This apart, it also allows patients to connect with doctors who are available for consults at any time of the day or night. Patients can also receive care from specialists who are not located near them but are available for remote consultations.

The MediBuddy platform also offers telemedicine services that allow patients to see doctors remotely through video or audio call. This service is especially helpful for people who are unable to travel or have health conditions that prevent them from traveling.

MediBuddy is a great resource for people who are looking for affordable healthcare.

MediBuddy - What's In The Offering?

Talk To A Doctor

Offers 'Talk To A Doctor' service that allows you to talk to a doctor over the phone or online. This is an excellent way to get advice on any health-related questions that you may have.

You can call MediBuddy at any time of the day or night and speak with a doctor who will be able to help you with any health concerns that you may have.

The doctors at MediBuddy are experts in their field and are able to provide you with expert advice on a variety of health topics. This is an excellent way to get quality medical advice without having to travel to a hospital or visit a doctor's office. Get in touch with specialists - Gynecology, Mental Health, Dermatology, Cardiology, Sexology, Hair Scalp Care, General Physician, Pediatrics, Gastroenterology, Diabetes, and others.

Order Medicines On MediBuddy & Get Great Discounts

MediBuddy is a one-stop shop for ordering medicines online. They offer a wide range of medications at affordable prices and make it easy for you to find the right medication for your needs.

It has a dedicated team of pharmacists who are experts in the field of medicine and they will help you choose the best medication for your condition. They offer a money back satisfaction guarantee so that you can be sure that you are making the best decision when ordering medicines online from MediBuddy.

You can book your medicines by uploading a prescription or consult with a doctor if you don’t have one. You can also order Covid-19 essentials. This apart, you can also call and book your medicines - 08045691766 and get a flat 18% off.

Huge Savings On Medicine

Who doesn't like saving money? That's why we're here to help you save even more. With MeddiBuddy’s huge discounts, you can now get instant access to your favorite medicines at a price that's more than affordable. Just start saving today and hit the ground running! What’s the best deal online today on medicines? Any guesses? Get flat 15% off on prescribed medicines, up to 60% off on non-prescribed medicines and an extra 3% off on first orders.

And what more? You get a free and safe door delivery on all your orders.

MediBuddy Gold - More Benefits - More Savings At Affordable Prices

MediBuddy offers MediBuddy Gold to all its users at affordable prices. Get unlimited consultations for self and family. Check pricing and contact the MediBuddy customer support team for more details. Currently, the company is offering four paid plans, starting from Rs 999 for 1 month, followed by a 3-Month plan priced at Rs 1399, 6-Month Plan at Rs 1799 and 1-Year Plan Rs 1999.

Currently, the company is offering flat Rs 499/- off on 1-Year Plan. Users can now get the plan at Rs 1500 only. Hurry up, save more and get free consultations from top specialists across various departments.


  1. 1. Free Unlimited Doctor Consultation
  2. 2. For All Health Problems
  3. 3. Free Covid-19 Guidance
  4. 4. Free Consultation For Your Family (Up To 6 Members)
  5. 5. 24/7 Video Consultations
  6. 6. Available in 12+ Indian Languages.

MediBuddy Insurance - The Best Insurance Plan In India

MediBuddy offers coverage for your medical expenses by helping you choose the best insurance plan that meets the right features for your needs and budget. The company offers plans that are designed to cover everything from routine doctor’s appointments to major surgery and hospital stays, ensuring your health is fully covered so you can focus on getting well and getting back to your quality of life. For more details, contact the customer support team.

Lab Tests & More - Now Save Up To 60%

MediBuddy is here to help you reach your health goals by offering discounts on popular health check-up packages. Users can save about 48% on basic health packages for men, women and kids. And 51% on Preventive Health Check and Advance Heart Checkup for Male and Female. Users can also avail discounts on Radiology Health Checkup Packages and Routine Lab Tests.

Cancellation and refund policy

If you have booked a service with Medibuddy and cannot avail of it due to some uncertainty, you are eligible to cancel it. All you need to do is go to ‘Your Order' section and cancel the booking. Coming to the refund, on canceling your order, you will be given a full refund. The brand will initiate the refund as soon as you cancel your order and take a few days to reflect on your bank account.

Customer Support

For quick assistance with booking doctor consultations or resolving any queries related to Medibuddy, you can contact their customer support team on 9999991555. Alternatively, you can also email them at [email protected] or use the live chat support option available on their website. Their team is available 24x7 to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

How to save more at MediBuddy?

MediBuddy is a beautiful platform that provides online medical services at an affordable price range. To save more on its services, you can keep an eye on its platform for recent offers and discounts. If not, you can visit RealCash and avail the best offers and coupons on MediBuddy.

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RealCash is one of the famous coupon companies in the country. It is best known for its fantastic range of deals on almost everything. It also has excellent coupons on MediBuddy that can be availed of any time from anywhere! So, grab the offers to get the best price on medical services from MediBuddy.

MediBuddy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are The Popular Radiology Health Check-Up Packages On MediBuddy?

Users can avail 34% off on MediBuddy Healthy Heart Package for Male and Female and get 35% off and 33% off for Mini Health Package for Male and Female, respectively.

Can I Get A Discount On Body Checkup Health Package On MediBuddy?

Yes. You can avail 47% on full body health checkups or opt for Prime Comprehensive Health Checkup and get 46% off.

Can I Get a Discount On MediBuddy Gold?

Yes. You can get a flat Rs 499 off on MediBuddy Gold 1-Year Plan. Requires no coupon code.

Does MediBuddy give frequent offers on their order?

Yes, you can get 3% extra discount on all your MediBuddy orders if you are a first-time user or if ordered for the first time.

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