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72 Hours

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December 28, 2023
Missing Cashback Claim : Yes
Old User -Mobile Phone Tier - C
cb-icon ₹0.00 Cashback
Old User -Mobile Phone Tier - B (Max upto Rs 350)
cb-icon 0.39% Cashback
Old USER - Mobile Phones A (Max Upto Rs 350)
cb-icon 0.79% Cashback
NEW USER - Mobile Phones [All Tier] (Max Upto Rs 87)
cb-icon 0.79% Cashback
All Users - Grocery- Flipkart Supermart (Live in Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Patna, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Vellore, Tirupati, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Vadodara, Allahabad)
cb-icon 1.18% Cashback
New User - Books & General Merchandise (Auto Accessory, Toys, Personal Care, Books & Media, Baby Care, Sports)
cb-icon 5.5% Cashback
Old User - Books & General Merchandise (Auto Accessory, Toys, Personal Care, Books & Media, Baby Care, Sports)
cb-icon 4.71% Cashback
New User - Home (Home Decor, Home Furnishing, Home Improvement, Household Supplies, Kitchen & Dining, Kitchen, Cookware, Pet Supplies,Tools & Hardware)
cb-icon 3.14% Cashback
Old User - Home (Home Decor, Home Furnishing, Home Improvement, Household Supplies, Kitchen & Dining, Kitchen, Cookware, Pet Supplies,Tools & Hardware)
cb-icon 2.36% Cashback
New User - Furniture (Bed, Sofa, Shoe Cabinet, Bookshelf, Kitchen Cabinets, Cupboards, Bean Bag, Stool, TV Mount, Coffee Table, Office Study table etc..)
cb-icon 7.86% Cashback
Old User - Furniture (Bed, Sofa, Shoe Cabinet, Bookshelf, Kitchen Cabinets, Cupboards, Bean Bag, Stool, TV Mount, Coffee Table, Office Study table etc..)
cb-icon 6.29% Cashback
All user - Large Appliances (Air Conditioner, Washing Machines, Television, Refrigerator) - Max Upto Rs 261.90
cb-icon 3.14% Cashback
All user - Fashion & Lifestyle Categories (Bags, Wallets & Belts, Clothing, Eyewear, Footwear, Kids Accessories, Sunglasses, Watches, Men's Clothing, Women's Clothing, Kids' Clothing, Women's Footwear, Kids' & Infant Footwear, Men's Footwear, Women Ethnic Wear, Women Western Wear, Women Lingerie, Sleep & Swimwear, Women Sports & Gym Wear, Women Accessories, Maternity Wear, Men Accessories & Artificial Jewellery) - Max Upto Rs 17.46)
cb-icon 13.5% Cashback
New User - Small Home Appliances( Air Cooler, Fan, Geyser, Room Heater, Hand Blender, Electric Cooker, Mixer Grinder, Electric Kettle, Microwave etc.) || Seasonal Appliances - Max Up to Rs 261.90
cb-icon 11.79% Cashback
Old User - Small Home Appliances( Air Cooler, Fan, Geyser, Room Heater, Hand Blender, Electric Cooker, Mixer Grinder, Electric Kettle, Microwave etc..) || Seasonal Appliances - Max Up to Rs 261.90
cb-icon 7.86% Cashback
Electronic Devices & Accessories (Audio, IOT, Storage, Power bank, Personal Health Care, & Tablet, Laptop & Desktop) - All Users (Max Upto Rs 436.5)
cb-icon 3.93% Cashback
All User - Any Other Mobile Phone (Except TIER A/B/C) - Max Upto Rs. 43.50
cb-icon ₹0.87 Cashback

✅ How It Works?

Earning cashback is as easy as 1-2-3-4…

  • 1. Explore
    1. Explore

    Explore the Store, Offers and Deals you want to Shop at (Make Sure Store's Official Apps is Not Installed on your phone)

  • 2. Add to Cart
    2. Add to Cart

    "Add to Cart" only after you redirected to the Partners site from Realcash

  • 3. Place your Order
    3. Place your Order

    Place the your Order Successfully

  • 4. Earn Extra Cashback & Transfer to Bank Account
    4. Earn Extra Cashback & Transfer to Bank Account

    Your RealCash Cashback will track automatically within 72 Hours. On approval, Transfer your Cashback to Bank Account, UPI, Paytm Wallet or Gift Voucher

  • => Make Sure to follow the steps to place order from Realcash
  • => Make sure to read offer terms & conditions everytime before placing order from Realcash
  • => Add Product to your shopping cart only after Visiting Partner Website from RealCash App.
  • => Make sure to complete transaction within 30 session for better tracking of Cashback. If aforesaid time frame were crossed, re-visit to the merchant site again via RealCash
  • => Use coupon codes listed on RealCash App and Coupon Codes Clearly Visible on Partner's Official Website only.
  • => In Case, Cashback Not Tracked then You're Required to Raise Missing Cashback ticket before Day 4 of the Next Month.
  • => Neither use any Coupon code you saw on other Cashback App or any Social Media platform Nor those emailed or SMS'ed to you by Partner's website directly.
  • => Cashback is NOT guaranteed. Using a Coupon, Gift Voucher, Gift Card, Gift Certificate not listed on RealCash may void your Cashback
  • => Cashback rates are subject to change at any time without prior notification.
  • => Running Google Ads & doing brand bidding are strictly prohibited for all Stores using RealCash and its associated Partners Links. Any violation of this will result in a ban of your RealCash Account and your earnings will be withheld without further notice.=> No minimum threshold limit to withdraw Cashback & Rewards Amount.
  • => Providing the Rewards/Cashback is entirely depends on the Merchant Terms. Their decision would be final and binding in all the cases.

DosTo Ensure Your Cashback Is Successful:

Important Points to remember:
  1. Open RealCash
  2. Select the Store (Flipkart) you want to Shop at
  3. Check Cashback Rates & Offer Terms
  4. Make sure Flipkart Shopping App is Not Installed in your Phone (for better tracking)
  5. Tap on 'Shop & Earn'
  6. Ensure Cart is Empty when you redirected to the site.
  7. Add to Cart the products only after you redirected to the site from RealCash and then place order within 30 Minute session.
  8. It may takes upto 72 Hours to Track your Cashback.

It is Highly recommended you to follow and do not ignore any above important points to track your cashback.


=> Lifestyle -  The max limit for New Users is Rs. 47.14 and for Existing User is Rs. 39.29


  1. Please make sure that your shopping cart is empty. If it is not empty please remove already added items from your cart. Make sure to 'ADD TO CART' the products only after you redirected to Flipkart from RealCash.
  2. Flipkart Cookie Time / Session time is 30 minutes only [Place order within 30 Minutes]
  3. Flipkart App Orders are allowed.
  4. Cashback / Reward may tracked at lower rate which will be corrected at the time of Validation.
  5. Cashback may vary at any point of time, Keep Checking Rewards/ Cashback Rates before you place orders.
  6. Few Products listed at Zero Rates on which No Cashback will be provided.
  7. Due to high volume of sales, cashback/reward tracking may takes longer time.
  8. Cashback is valid on Flipkart Website and Official App (This works only when links open with Flipkart app.
  9. Any Query related to Realcash Reward, Please contact to RealCash Support Only.
  10. If you have not shopped on Flipkart in last 6 months then you qualify as a Flipkart New User
  11. Clear the cookies before going ahead with the transaction.
  12. Reward Payment will be made only on confirmed orders.

donts Cashback Is Not Qualified For:

  1. BULK Orders are STRICTLY Not Permitted
  2. SPAM / FRAUD Orders are STRICTLY Not allowed (A User with different IDs Order in-bulk on same/repeated addresses)
  3. No Cashback applicable on payment with store credit/gift cards
  4. Orders placed through cookie stuffing, SEM bidding violations, re-seller orders etc will fall under fraud orders and will be rejected by Flipkart.
  5. Sometimes, merchants can decline Cashback if the transaction is not completed in a single session.
  6. Avoid visiting other price comparison websites or deals websites as it can void your cashback.

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Make Money with Flipkart Affiliate Program

What is the Flipkart Affiliate Program?

Flipkart Affiliate Program is a popular affiliate marketing program run by Flipkart, one of the largest e-commerce companies in India. The program allows you to earn a commission by promoting Flipkart products through your website, blog, or social media channels.

How does the Flipkart Affiliate Program work?

The Flipkart Affiliate Program works on a commission-based model. When you join the program, you will receive a unique affiliate link that you can promote on your website, blog, or social media channels. When someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase on Flipkart, you will earn a commission on that sale.

The commission rate varies depending on the product category, and it can go up to 12% for some categories. Additionally, you can also earn a commission by promoting the Flipkart app, which has a separate commission structure.

How to join the Flipkart Affiliate Program?

Joining the Flipkart Affiliate Program is a straightforward process. You can follow the steps below to get started:

Step 1: Visit the Flipkart Affiliate Program website and sign up for an account.

Step 2: Fill out the application form and provide the required details, such as your name, email address, and website URL.

Step 3: Once your application is approved, you will receive a unique affiliate link that you can promote on your website or social media channels.

Step 4: Start promoting Flipkart products using your affiliate link and earn a commission on every sale.

Benefits of joining the Flipkart Affiliate Program

There are several benefits of joining the Flipkart Affiliate Program, including:

  1. High commission rates: The Flipkart Affiliate Program offers some of the highest commission rates in the industry, with rates going up to 12% for some product categories.

  2. Wide range of products: Flipkart offers a wide range of products across various categories, giving you plenty of options to promote on your website or social media channels.

  3. Easy to use platform: The Flipkart Affiliate Program platform is easy to use, and you can track your earnings, clicks, and conversions in real-time.

  4. Promotional tools: Flipkart provides you with various promotional tools, such as banners, product links, and widgets, to help you promote their products effectively.

  5. Trusted brand: Flipkart is a well-known and trusted brand in India, which can help increase the credibility of your website or social media channels.

Tips for promoting Flipkart Sale products

To maximize your earnings from the Flipkart Affiliate Program, here are some tips for promoting Flipkart products effectively:

  1. Choose the right products: Focus on promoting products that are relevant to your audience and have a high commission rate.

  2. Write compelling product reviews: Write detailed and informative product reviews that highlight the features and benefits of the product.

  3. Use social media: Leverage your social media channels to promote Flipkart products and engage with your followers.

  4. Optimize your website: Optimize your website for search engines to increase the visibility of your affiliate links.

  5. Use Flipkart's promotional tools: Use Flipkart's promotional tools, such as banners, product links, and widgets, to make your promotions more attractive and effective.


In conclusion, the Flipkart Affiliate Program is a great way to earn a commission by promoting Flipkart products on your website or social media channels. With high commission rates, a wide range of products, and easy-to-use promotional tools, the program offers excellent earning potential for affiliates.

Top Flipkart offers for today that you can use to save money on your online shopping:

  1. Big Saving Days Sale: Flipkart's Big Saving Days sale is currently live and offers discounts on a wide range of products across categories such as electronics, fashion, home appliances, and more.
  2. Mobile Bonanza Sale: Flipkart's Mobile Bonanza sale is offering discounts and deals on a wide range of smartphones from popular brands such as Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, and more.
  3. No Cost EMI Offers: Flipkart is offering no-cost EMI options on select products, allowing customers to purchase products without any interest charges.
  4. Exchange Offers: Flipkart is offering exchange offers on select products, allowing customers to exchange their old products for new ones at a discounted price.
  5. Flat Discounts: Flipkart is offering flat discounts on select products across various categories such as fashion, electronics, and home appliances.
  6. Bank Offers: Flipkart is offering discounts and cashback offers for customers who make purchases using specific bank credit or debit cards.

Note that these offers are subject to change and may have certain terms and conditions. Please check the Flipkart website for the latest offers and deals.

About Flipkart Online Shopping

Launched in 2007, Flipkart revolutionized the Indian e-commerce scene. Selling over 300 million products across 70 categories, the company has changed the way the quintessential Indian consumer shops online.

Foraying in the Indian market as a small time e-bookstore, the company today has become one of the world's biggest online megastores selling everything from shoes, apparel, consumer electronics, laptops, household items and much more.

In addition to offering great discounts and deals on all the products, Flipkart offers attractive buying options such as EMI, Cash on Delivery, Free Shipping besides much more, making it all the easier for Indian consumers to rely on the website as its preferred shopping destination.

Top Product Categories on Flipkart with Offers

Flipkart offers a wide array of products ranging from shoes, apparel and consumer electronics to laptops, household items, etc. Some of the top categories you can purchase from, via include:

Electronic Gadgets: Mobile Phones, Pen Drives, Hard Disks, Bluetooth Devices, Laptops, Headphones, Printers, Mobile Accessories, etc.

PCs and Laptops: Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, HP and a host of other top brands. Motorola & Lenovo often exclusively choose to sell their products on Flipkart.

Home Appliances: Television Sets, Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Vacuum Cleaners, Washing Machines, Mixer Grinders, Dry or Steam Irons, Choppers, Blenders, etc.

Books: Flipkart is known to have the largest online collection of books in India.

Fashion: Apparel, Footwear, Watches, Sunglasses and Accessories for Men, Women and Children.

Baby Products: Clothing, Diapers, Footwear, Toys, Prams, Books, Strollers and more.

The e-store sells almost all everyday products that a quintessential consumer, whether a man, a woman or even a child may need. With a diverse health and personal care section, chances are that you will find literally everything on this website as well as on its Flipkart App.

Exploring Flipkart Coupons Codes 2023 on RealCash

Why pay in full when you can avail some great offers and discounts for your purchases via Instead of wasting time, trying to locate an active and valid Flipkart promo code & Flipkart coupons, simply log on to RealCash.

As a coupons, deals, and discounts aggregator website, we at simplify the cumbersome process of collecting all the relevant Flipkart Coupons offers for you in a single place. With details of all the terms and conditions clearly mentioned against each promo code or offer, you can simply determine whether the offer in question is relevant to your shopping needs or not. Not just this, we also send out email notifications to our registered users regarding the latest promos, flash sales, super deals and other offers that the website has introduced.

Why Register with RealCash to Avail Rewards for Flipkart Online Shopping?

If you are planning to shop on you will find it beneficial to do so via . With a chance to gain instant access to some of the latest rewards, promo codes, discount offers and more, you will be able to save as much as 50% on your purchases.

To make sure that our users have access to the best products at the most affordable prices, we make sure that the website is constantly updated with category-based deals, pre-launch deals and even Big Billion Day offers among many others that are announced all year round.

Flipkart Big Billion Day Sales & Cashback Offers 2023

The Flipkart Big Billion Sale was launched in the year 2014. With the aim of targeting a billion sales in 1 day, this sale as predicted gathered a huge audience. In the year 2015, the Big Billion sale was restricted to app users only and the time period was extended form a single day to a five day event. The sale is applicable on over 70 categories of products available at Flipkart. Each day has special offers for selected categories. While a number of portals come up with sales as exciting as this, Flipkart is the only one that offers sale on all the categories. Be it books, clothes, electronics, home furnishing, personal care products or anything else that comes to your mind, this sale makes sure that everything becomes affordable. This time of the year being the festive season, attracts a lot of customers as buying gifts for your near and dear ones becomes easier. Not just gifts but, this sale offers a chance to renovate your home and office space at low cost.  A number of products available on Flipkart have up to 80% discount on them. There are credit and debit card retailers who announce extra cashback offers during the Big Billion Sale. So if you own one, then be happy to save some extra bucks.

Another great way to save during the Big Billion Sale is by making your purchases through RealCash. RealCash is an e-cashback site that offers its users a shopping experience where they save every time they shop. With its large number of assured cashback offers every purchase gets you money in your RealCash wallet. Apart from cashback, RealCash also offers its users a good amount of discount coupons that help them get great products at amazing prices. The deal of the day lists some fabulous offers where you are rewarded with huge amount of cashback. If you are lucky enough you may find a deal with both discount coupon and cashback. Double benefit! The cashback that you avail at RealCash can be later used for a number of purposes like bill payments, recharges and shopping. Another interesting thing to do with your cashback amount is to get it transferred to your bank account. This enables you to encash the amount later. So a Happy Savings to the financer and a Happy Shopping to the shopaholic!

Flipkart Sale -

Flipkart Deals of the Day -

Flipkart Cashback Offers -

Wikipidia about Flipkart -

Log on to today for the latest coupons for Flipkart and more!

FAQ’s for Flipkart Offers & Deals:

Q1. How can I get a Flipkart Coupon?

You have to visit the Realcash app/site to get diverse coupons in various categories, which are hand cured by expert dealers.

Q2. How can I use a Flipkart Promo code?

In order to use a Flipkart promo code, open Realcash on mobile or desktop, and go to the Flipkart store. Choose the coupon you want to get and then it will redirect you to the Flipkart page after copying the code.

Q3. Does Flipkart give free delivery?

Flipkart gives free delivery to plus customers on buying F-assured products. For non-plus customers, Flipkart charges Rs.40 for each F-assured items with a value of Rs.499 or less.

Q4. How can I get Flipkart Super Coins?

On purchasing each product, Flipkart gives 2 coins to non-plus customers, and 4 coins to plus customers. Non-plus customers earn a maximum of 50 coins and plus members receive a max of 100 coins.

Register and earn ₹5.00 bonus
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