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Vedantu: Best Online Learning Platforms for K1 to K12, CBSE, ICSE, JEE & NEET

Vedantu is India's one of the best education platforms, known for creating one of the most sought after learning apps. With our unique learning platform called WAVE and immensely talented best teachers, Vedantu offers a highly personalised learning experience for 1st to 12th grades across CBSE and ICSE Boards. Our hands-on teaching methodology has made Vedantu the primary choice of aspirants for competitive exams like IIT JEENEETKVPYNTSEIMO, and IEO. Also, through our #HarGharVedantu campaign, Vedantu aims to make education accessible to all parts of the country with our affordable online classes.

Our Impact

Vedantu Classes rank as the best LIVE and Online Tutoring Website in the top ten cities of India, while in the Middle-East and Singapore, we are among the most recommended online learning apps at the lowest tuition fees.

As An Education website: What makes Vedantu Special?

Vedantu’s innovations and contributions to making education accessible and affordable have led to an enhancement in the quality of online education. Vedantu makes a student’s learning experience special and unforgettable. Here are the points how Vedantu provides unique learning environment for students:

  • Personalised and Affordable Learning
    The perfect amalgamation of an incredibly personalised online learning platform and affordable LIVE Online Master Classes makes Vedantu stand out among the other learning websites. You can avail our online tuition by the best teachers from the most reputed institutions for Classes 1 to 12 (MathsPhysicsChemistry and Biology). Short term and long term online courses for kids and preparation of CBSE and ICSE Boards, other State Boards, and JEE and NEET entrance exams at affordable tuition fees, with an exclusive session for clearing doubts, can only be found at Vedantu.
  • Extensive Learning Material and Feedback
    We also provide FREE Sample Papers and Solve Important Questions to make you 100% prepared for any exam. Registered Vedantu users get access to engaging learning material including Revision Notes and Formula Sheets, Assignments, Regular Homeworks, Subjective & Objective Tests to ensure regular practice. The Master Teachers follow an interactive approach and pay attention to every student, which is complemented by the best study material and FREE Books Solutions of NCERT, RD Sharma, RS Agarwal and HC Verma. The online classes are recorded to access whenever you like. Every student’s academic progress report is also shared during the Parents-Teachers Meeting.
  • Technology-Driven Learning
    The Vedantu e-learning app has a good number of quizzes, interactive tools and Objective Tests like V-Brainer, V-Maths, and Turbo Maths with surprise gifts for kids, making it the most loved learning app for all grades.

Why is online tuition important for Class 1 to 12 students?

The Digital Age is here and it is fast shaping students’ learning methods and future prospects. To keep up the pace, we at Vedantu encourage and help students to ensure a smooth transition from traditional learning methods to online learning, making them ready for tomorrow. With a holistic approach and interactive online classes for students of Class 1 to 12 grades, Vedantu believes every student has unique needs which can be fulfilled from their homes, making students independent and lifelong learners under the guidance of Vedantu.

Why should kids enroll for Vedantu?

Vedantu has your child’s future secured with an incredibly personalised tutoring platform and one-to-one attention for every kid. As the best Online Tuition Website in India, our courses for kids are named as Super readers, Super CodersSuper speakers and Super Maths. The only aim with these courses is to provide quality learning in CodingEnglish ReadingSpoken English and Maths for early learners, at amazingly affordable tuition fees.

Under the guidance of our immensely talented Vedantu Super Teachers, your child will learn to build websites and apps through our expert coding classes, read fluently and independently using phonics techniques, improve their public speaking skills and communicate their ideas with ease as well as get an early head-start in the world of Maths. Vedantu will make sure your child’s confidence and knowledge are at the top of their game right from a tender age.

Other free offerings that we expect from Vedantu apart from online classes.

Vedantu strives to provide a holistic educational experience for its students. Learning doesn’t end after the online tuition classes are over. Revision notes, formula sheets and other free study materials are shared with the students to enable a seamless grasping of the toughest concepts.

FREE Sample Papers, Important questionsPrevious Years’ Question Papers and Mock Tests are well-researched and collected. They are thoroughly solved and discussed to ensure that every student is 100% prepared before taking the exam. Moreover, Free NCERT Solutions, based on the CBSE and ICSE curriculum, and Text Book Solutions of popular books such as RD Sharma, RS Agarwal and HC Verma supplement the Vedantu LIVE Online Master Classes.

You can easily download PDFs and soft copies of exhaustive subject material from our website while you prepare for exams like JEE Main, NEET, KVPYNTSEOlympiadsCBSE & ICSE Board exams and your School exams as well.

Three important reasons to choose Vedantu online courses.

If you are asking yourself, why Vedantu? We have summed up the following three reasons to remove the clouds of doubts from your mind:

  • WAVE 2.0
    Right from its inception, Vedantu has strived to create impact at a mass-scale level. With world-class technology, we want to ensure every child has access to the top teachers in the country, no matter where they come from. Since its inception, the WAVE platform encourages students’ Online engagement with the Master Teachers. With the internet being a prominent issue in our country, WAVE 2.0 is designed to consume 40% less bandwidth than other platforms and can easily be accessed on mobile devices.

    WAVE 2.0 will be able to gauge every child’s depth of engagement amongst the hundreds in the class. This will enable our teachers to provide just the right nudge to them at the right time. WAVE 2.0 comes with features like AR Filters, Drag & Drop and Hotspot, and a multi-teacher model to be the first among its kind in building a high level of interactiveness.
  • Students have now stepped into the Digital Age and it will majorly shape the way they learn and their career prospects in future. At Vedantu, we take every necessary step to prepare them for tomorrow and be a constant source of guidance. In our immensely talented and supportive Vedantu Master Teachers, hailing from the most reputed institutions, students will find their appropriate mentors and tutors who will not only teach them but also provide the necessary push towards success.
  • Only hours of learning and mugging won’t suffice. Vedantu guarantees online learning along with retention by transforming learning into a fun game through a good number of quizzes and objective tests like V-Brainer, V-Maths and Turbo Maths. These are organised to impart knowledge and reward the best performers with surprise gifts to ensure that motivation is stirred in the best proportion for a clear understanding.
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